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Business Relocation


In today’s fast paced world, companies tend to outgrow their current office space. Martel offers a business relocation service where our certified technicians will uninstall the phone system in the current space and re-install it in the new location. When all goes smoothly, your system can be re-installed and working in a matter of hours. Martel has the experience and efficiency you need for a fast and flawless move!

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Moving a phone system involves a number of considerations:

Martel’s technicians will come to your existing location, document your current phone system configuration, and identify any issues that you might not know of prior to moving your existing telephone system.

You will need to think about the coordination of the movement of your telephone line service by your provider so that you don’t end up out of service for an extended long period of time. The knowledgeable staff at Martel can help you with the planning and coordination of your telephony voice move.

Tip: Most telco companies will allow you to re-route (call forward) your calls to a cell phone while the move is taking place. Then when the system is set back up, you get the routing re-established to your new location.


A visit to the new location could be helpful and may be required to determine:

  • Where the phone system will be re-installed, such as a separate telephone system wiring room in another part of the building or in the suite itself. If it is in another part of the building, then we will need to determine whether the cabling exists from that location into the office area where the phones will be located.
  • We will check to make sure there are enough power outlets available for the system.
  • Whether there will be a need to run new cable and/or new outlets to the desk locations within your new office space. We also run Cat5e and Cat6 data network cable if you need that installed.
  • If there are existing phone outlets on the wall, we will need to determine if the outlets are wired correctly to match the requirements of your phone system.
  • We can upgrade your system with additional equipment cards and new phones should you need or want to do so.