Computer, Telephone & Fiber Optic

Computer & Telephone Cabling

Computer and telephone cabling is a necessity for businesses that is often overlooked. This technology is always foremost in the minds of our skilled installers at Martel, Inc. Let us take care of the information highway hidden behind the walls to keep your network operating at its peak so that you can focus on what is most important to you – your business. Ethernet, or “structured” cabling is the latest technology which is backward compatible with almost every connected device. If you are in Delaware, on the eastern shore of Maryland, or in southeastern Pennsylvania, let us come and hook your business up.

Let’s work together on your next install project!

  • Computer data cabling installation
  • Telephone cabling installation
  • Main Distribution Frame and Intermediate Distribution Frame Design & Build
  • Cabling Certification compliance testing and documentation
  • Communications racks, patch panels, and specialty jacks
  • Video Surveillance & POS (Point of Sale) cabling
  • Structured cabling, telecommunications EF&I
  • Outside plant, aerial, and backbone installation
  • Fiber optic cabling

The dedicated technicians at Martel, Inc. have many years of experience installing cabling at business’ just like yours.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optics is a method of sending signals that utilize hair-thin strands of glass. The light is guided down the center of the fiber, called the core. The core is surrounded by an optical material called cladding that traps the light using an optical technique called total internal reflection. The core and cladding are usually made of ultra-pure glass. In addition, the fiber is coated with a protective plastic covering called the primary buffer coating, which keeps out moisture and protects the cable from other potential damage. An outer covering, called a jacket, provides even more protection.

Fiber Optic Installation Termination & Splicing

Since 1991, Martel has been installing, terminating, and repairing all types of fiber optic cables and connectors, using the latest tools and equipment.

Fiber Optic Testing & Troubleshooting

The expert technicians at Martel, Inc. have the knowledge and equipment to test and certify fiber optic strands. As a result, we can provide certified test results on the new fiber optic cable we install and check your existing fiber optic infrastructure for dB loss, distance, or fractures.

What’s in a Network Closet?

For smaller businesses, a network closet could serve as a computing hub with everything needed for their computer network, including servers, storage devices, and network switches necessary for their business. A larger business would also have similar equipment, but their network closets may provide a connection to a dedicated server room. A network closet includes equipment and wiring for:

  • Wireless access points
  • Fiber optic terminations
  • Alarm systems
  • Close-circuit television systems or cable TV
  • Firewalls
  • Patch cables
  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Telephone punch blocks
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